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Bjoern Bachmann, PhD

Prof. Dr. med. Björn Bachmann, FEBO  
Consultant at the Department of Ophthalmology University of Cologne Kerpenerstr. 62  50937 Köln  
Tel.: +49221/478-4320 
Fax.: +49221/478-86466 
Professional Experience: 

  • Since June 2015  Member of the Executive Board, Center for ocular GvHD, Universityhospital Cologne, Germany  
  • Since June 2014  Professor for Cornea and Immunology of the Ocular Surface at the Department of Ophthalmology, Universityhospital Cologne, Germany  
  • Oct 2009 – May 2014  Consultant at the Department of Ophthalmology, Universityhospital Erlangen, Germany 
  • July 2011- May 2014  Medical Director of the Eye Bank at the Universityhospital Erlangen, Germany 
  • 14. April 2011  PhD in Ophthalmology 
  •  8.-9. Mai 2009  European Board of Ophthalmology Diploma Examination, Paris  
  • Jan 2006- Dec 2009  Residency at the University Eye Clinic Erlangen, University Erlangen-Nuremberg 
  • November 2003-December 2005  Postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Anatomy 2, University Erlangen-Nuremberg 
  •  April 2002-September 2003      Residency at the University Eye Clinic,  Mainz, Germany  


  • April 1995 – Oct 2001  Medical School, Heidelberg, Germany 
  • Professional affiliations:  Member of the “German Society for Ophthalmology (DOG)” 
  • Member of the “Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)” 
  • Member of “European Eye Bank Association (EEBA)” 

Prices and honors:  


  • Kok-van Alphen Lectur at the annual Dutch meeting of Ophthalmologists (April 2016) 
  • Odd Fellow Award for Ophthalmic Research (2012) 
  • Award from the German Association of Ophthalmologists for research in the field of Dry Eye Syndrome (2009) 
  • Best Paper Award (Coauthor) - American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) 2010 
  • Ranked on place 24 of the most cited German ophthalmic scientists, Laborjournal, Jan 2016


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