The Network of Excellence in Corneal Regeneration

Supawadee Sukseree, PhD


Research Division of Biology and Pathobiology of the Skin  
  (Head: Prof. Dr. Erwin Tschacher), 
  Department of Dermatology, Medical University of Vienna, 
  Lazarettgasse 14, A-1090 Vienna, Austria 
Academic degrees: 
2013  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Molecular Biology 
            Faculty of Medicine, Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand 
2007  Master of Science (M.Sc.) Medical Neuroscience 
            Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand 
Awards and recognitions:
2011-2012      Scholarship from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research, Austrian South-East Asian University Partnership Network (Technology-Grant ASEA-UNINET). 
Research Interests:
2012 - present    Cell biology of the corneal epithelium 
2011 - present    Autophagy in the epithelial cells, pigment cells and neurobiology of the skin 
1.  Book chapter: Eckhart L, Sukseree S (2015) Roles of autophagy in the thymic epithelium. In:  Hayat  MA  (Ed.):  Autophagy:  Cancer,  Other  Pathologies,  Inflammation,  Immunity, Infection, and Aging, Volume 6. Elsevier. 
2.  Sukseree  S,  Eckhart  L,  Tschachler  E,  Watanapokasin  R  (2013)  Autophagy  in  epithelial  homeostasis and defense. Front Biosci E5: 1000-1010. 
3.  Sukseree S, Rossiter H, Mildner M, Pammer J, Buchberger M, Gruber F, Watanapokasin R, Tschachler  E,  Eckhart  L  (2013)  Targeted  deletion  of  Atg5  reveals  differential  roles  of autophagy  in  keratin  K5-expressing  epithelia.  Biochem  Biophys  Res  Commun  430:  689-694. 
4.  Rossiter H, König U, Barresi C, Buchberger M, Ghannadan M, Zhang CF, Mlitz V, Gmeiner R, Sukseree S, Födinger D, Eckhart L, Tschachler E (2013) Epidermal keratinocytes form a functional skin barrier in the absence of Atg7 dependent autophagy. J Dermatol Sci 71: 67-75. 
5.  Sukseree S, Mildner M, Rossiter H, Pammer J, Zhang C-F, Watanapokasin R, Tschachler E, Eckhart L (2012) Autophagy in the thymic epithelium is dispensable for the development of self-tolerance in a novel mouse model. PLoS One 7: e38933. 
6.  Watanapokasin  R,  Jarinthanan  F,  Jerusalmi  A,  Suksamrarn  S,  Nakamura  Y,  Sukseree  S, Uthaisang-Tanethpongtamb  W,  Ratananukul  P,  Sano  T  (2010)  Potential  of  xanthones from  tropical  fruit  mangosteen  as  anti-cancer  agents:  caspase-dependent  apoptosis induction in vitro and in mice. Appl Biochem Biotechnol 162: 1080-94. 
7.  Watanapokasin RY, Boonyakamol A, Sukseree S, Krajarng A, Sophonnithiprasert T, Kanso S,  Imai  T  (2009) Hydrogen production and anaerobic decolorization of wastewater containing Reactive Blue 4  by a bacterial consortium of Salmonella subterranea and Paenibacillus polymyxa. Biodegradation 20: 411-418. 


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