The Network of Excellence in Corneal Regeneration

WG meeting and CG meeting 22 April 2014 Leiden

Time and Date:

Tuesday 22 April 2014 from 9:30 to 17:00


Meeting Location:

Ground Floor, BioPartner Building 1, J.H. Oortweg 21, 2333CH, Leiden, The Netherlands, Tel: +31 (0)71 332 2000, +31 (0)71 332 2280




Shih-Cheng Chen, Aeon Astron Europe B.V., Leiden, NL, T: +31 (0)71 332 2280





09:30 Registration  
10:15 Welcome (Chair: Prof. Dr. Martine Jager)  
10:30 Core Group Meeting (Chair: Prof. Dr. Claus Cursiefen)  
      Future perspectives Prof. Dr. Claus Cursiefen, University Hospital Köln, DE
      e-COST online tools and reimbursement application Ms. Anja Volkmann, University Köln, DE
      Summer School 2014 Dr. Andrew Hopkinson, Nottingham University, UK
      Short Term Scientific Mission and NExCR website Dr. Shih-Cheng Chen, Aeon Astron Europe B.V., NL
      Consultant and administration expense  Dr. Kenn Curt Daniel, Aeon Astron Europe B.V.,NL
  Morning Scientific Session (Chair: Prof. Dr. Cursiefen)  
11:30     Prolymphangiogenic phenotype of M2-polarized macrophages Dr. Deniz Hos, University Köln, DE
11:50     The value of peroperative OCT in cultured limbal stem cell surgery Dr. Sorcha Ni Dhubhghaill, Antwerp University Hospital, BE
12:10     Role of lymphatic vessels and dendritic cells in corneal transplant survival Dr. Felix Bock, University Koln, DE
12:30-13:30 Lunch Break  
  Afternoon Scientific Session (Chair: Prof. Dr. Martine Jager)  
13:30     Optimization of limbal epithelial stem cell cultures: The Danish experience

Dr. Chris Bath, Aalborg University, DK

13:50     Amniotic membrane and limbal stem cells - current Bulgarian prospective Prof. Dr. Christina Grupcheva, Medical University Varna, BG
14:10     Clinical application of limbal stem cells - current Bulgarian prospective Dr. Stefano Ferrari, Veneto Eye Bank Foundation, IT

    Corneal Regeneration - From the Lab to the Clinic and Back

Prof. Dr. Nadia Zakaria, University of Antwerp, BE



15:10     An overview of biomaterial-assisted corneal regeneration: from bench to bedside to bench Prof. Neil Lagali, Linköping University, SE
15:30     Decellularisation: A method of recycling unsuitable donor corneas for transplantation Dr. Samantha Wilson, University of Nottingham, UK

    New developments with the fish-scale-derived matrix

Dr. T. Huibertus van Essen, Leiden University Medical Center, NL
16:10     Biocornea: characterization and application Dr. Charles Chou, Body Organ Biomedical Corp., TW

Future meetings and closing (Chair: Prod. Dr. Claus Cursiefen)




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